that said, only a few content is inspiring – therefore we have actually community tips to describe everything we do and don’t allow on Pinterest. These recommendations are our appropriate usage policy, therefore it to us if you find content that shouldn’t be on Pinterest, please report. We make use of your reports to understand and evolve our criteria, and make use of material professionals to tell and upgrade our directions.

Content safety

Pinterest is not a location for antagonistic, explicit, false or deceptive, harmful, hateful, or content that is violent behavior. We might remove, restrict, or block the circulation of these content and also the reports, individuals, teams and domain names that creates or spread it according to exactly just how harm that is much poses.

We’re invested in presenting you with clear and transparent expectations being clear to see and follow. When you have questions or encounter issues on Pinterest, please contact us.

Adult content

Pinterest is not an accepted destination for pornography. We restrict the distribution of or eliminate mature and explicit content, including:

  • Fetish imagery
  • Vivid descriptions that are sexual
  • Graphic depictions of sexual intercourse
  • Images of nudity where in actuality the poses, digital digital camera perspectives, or props recommend pornographic intent

We do our best to to differentiate between pornography along with other content that is mature. For example, it can save you content about sexual health, breastfeeding, mastectomies, art, training and wellbeing with adult nudity because of the context that is non-pornographic but we might restrict its circulation so individuals don’t come across it unintentionally.


Pinterest is not an accepted place for exploitation of men and women or pets. We’ll eliminate or restrict the distribution of content and accounts taking part in methods that danger problems for individuals or pets, including intimate, real, or monetary exploitation. Which includes:

  • Sexualization or intimate exploitation of minors, like grooming, intimate remarks or inappropriate imagery. It, we’ll report it to relevant authorities such as the National Center for Missing and Exploited https://hookupwebsites.org/sugar-daddy/ Children if we find.
  • Non-consensual pictures, meaning pictures of a personal or nature that is sexual or published without consent. This consists of revenge porn and images that are up-skirt.
  • Adult sexual services that could include intimate or real exploitation or trafficking, like sex cams and escort services.
  • Individual trafficking, slavery, servitude and forced or labor that is compulsory.
  • Other illegal exploitation that is commercial like dealing in organs or items made from individual keeps or areas of the body.
  • The purchase of wildlife or endangered and protected wildlife. The World Wildlife Fund for a full list of prohibited wildlife products, please visit our partner.
  • Corpses, animal parts or items produced by dog or cat components, or protected and put at risk wildlife, including ivory.
  • Reckless and harmful animal tourism or otherwise exploitative techniques like organized animal fighting.

Hateful activities

Pinterest is not spot for hateful content or perhaps the individuals and groups that promote hateful tasks. We limit the circulation of or eliminate such content and accounts, including:

  • Slurs or negative stereotypes, caricatures and generalizations
  • Help for hate teams and individuals promoting activities that are hateful prejudice and conspiracy theories
  • Condoning or trivializing physical violence due to a victim’s membership in a susceptible or group that is protected
  • Help for white supremacy, limiting women’s legal rights along with other ideas that are discriminatory
  • Hate-based conspiracy theories and misinformation, like Holocaust denial
  • Denial of a individual’s gender identification or sexual orientation, and help for conversion therapy and associated programs
  • Assaults on people including public figures centered on their membership in a susceptible or group that is protected
  • Mocking or attacking the opinions, sacred symbols, motions, or organizations associated with the protected or susceptible groups identified below

Protected and vulnerable groups consist of: individuals grouped together predicated on their real or identified competition, color, caste, ethnicity, immigration status, nationwide beginning, religion or faith, intercourse or sex identification, intimate orientation, impairment or condition that is medical. It includes individuals who are grouped together centered on lower socio-economic status, age, fat or size, pregnancy or status that is veteran.




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